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[Image: Three photos. The first shows Laverne Cox, a beautiful Black trans woman with long light colored hair seated, head tilted, across from CeCe McDonald, a beautiful Black trans woman seen from behind, as they speak. The second photo is a shot of a row of prison cells. The third is a picture of CeCe McDonald speaking with the back of Laverne Cox shown.]


FREE CECE, the new documentary with Laverne Cox, explores the roles race, class and gender played in CeCe McDonald’s case. McDonald’s claim of self defense was rejected by Hennepin County prosecutors. The documentary explores the implications of CeCe’s story as a survivor, housing trans women in male prisons, and the practice of keeping trans women in solitary confinement.
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Just last October 2012 a story broke out  nationally about Black Students being attacked with Balloons filled with Bleach at the University of Texas. Protests broke out across campus. The concept of these attacks were to “whiten” students of color.Bleach Balloons were also thrown at Asian students.  These attacks were racially motivated. Well last week 5 days ago on August 21st,  2013 another Black student was hit with a bleach balloon.

Byran Davis was walking by an apartment building on the west campus of the University of Texas when he was hit with a balloon filled with bleach.  Luckily he was uninjured. Byron stated  “”I don’t feel safe walking around West Campus by myself anymore.”

"Davis contacted the Austin Police Department, who said they’d put a detective on the case. Davis’ friends have told him not to hold his breath though; no prosecution has come from APD’s attention. Many students see no point in reporting the attacks when nothing has been done to stop them, Davis said.

That means there are many bleach bomb attacks in West Campus we don’t know about. The concept behind them is to “whiten” students of color. Bleach also blinds people. Luckily, no one has been blinded yet in West Campus. The very real possibility is hideous” (

Yes this is happening in 2013
Post -Racial America

Post Written By @Solar_InnerG

This is a prime example of why I am NOT interested in staying in Texas for college.

I want to fucking kil every racist person who utilises violence to demean other people. How will they like that?

How does this only have 300 odd notes? People need to now this shit. This is fucking ridiculous.

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